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Parking System

The parking system refers to a parking lot with mechanical means of internal parking capacity. The parking system is typically powered by an electric motor or hydraulic pump that moves the vehicle to a storage location.
The parking system can be either traditional or automatic. The automatic multi-storey automated parking system has a lower cost per parking space because they tend to require less building volume and less floor space than conventional facilities of the same capacity. In the long run, automatic parking systems may be more cost effective than traditional parking lots. Both the automatic parking system and the automatic parking garage system reduce emissions - the car does not look around for parking spaces.
The parking system provides convenience for vehicle users and provides efficient space utilization for city companies. The automatic parking system saves time, money, space and simplifies the often tedious work of parking. Car lifts move vehicles to safe and reliable storage areas until they are needed.
Our parking system mainly includes parking elevators, underground parking systems, and intelligent parking systems for office buildings. They mainly include the following features:
*The space for parking 3 cars can hold more than 9 cars.
*It adopts rotating for mechanism so as to minimize the *vibration and noise.
*Flexible operation.
*No caretaker is needed, key pressing operation.
*High safety, complete inspecting device
*Stable and reliable
BORTOME is one of the leading China parking system manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap parking system from our factory.
  • Horizontal Shifting Parking System

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    Horizontal Shifting Parking System

    Horizontal Shifting Parking System (BTP-PPY) Working Principle The BTP-PPY horizontal shifting parking system’s car lifting equipment is mainly composed by special car elevator, car rotating table, carrier, safe protection devices and electric control system. According to the...

  • Fully Automated Car Parking System

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    Fully Automated Car Parking System

    This system is a fully automatic parking system which uses lifts and shuttle carriers to store and retrieve cars automatically by PLC program. It has multiple safety protection device to ensure safety. It is designed according to the customers' requirements and suitable...

  • Smart Robotic Car Parking System

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    Smart Robotic Car Parking System

    This equipment can be applied for both abrove ground or under ground, especially suitable for the large garage with short laneway but multi stories. It does not require a ramp, so it saves floor space and has a high capacity for parking, making full use of space. It is very...

  • Automated Rotary Auto Parking System

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    Automated Rotary Auto Parking System

    The system is designed to park a vehicle through parking the car into a parking area by a vehicle that circulates vertically in the left and right direction. Thanks to the simple circular rotary mechanism, it is easy to install in a small area and is not damaged. There is no...

  • Simple Mechanical Rotary Parking System

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    Simple Mechanical Rotary Parking System

    The rotary parking system consists of an automated mechanical system that rotates at an angle perpendicular to the ground. It is driven by a motor 、 chain 、 sprocket and rotates. When someone wants to park or retrieve the car, the required parking tray will be rotated to the...

  • Smart Parking Management System For Hospital

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    Smart Parking Management System For Hospital

    The design of the rotating parking system allows up to 8 cars, 10 cars or 12 cars and parks 2 cars only in the surface area. Up to six parking spaces can be added in the same area. The equipment is simple and reliable, and the transmission system runs smoothly and quietly. It...

  • Residential Automatic Vehicle Parking Solutions

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    Residential Automatic Vehicle Parking Solutions

    Stacking Parking Lift This system is equipped with multiple safety detection devices to ensure safe and reliable operation. It use a safety hook to form a four-point suspension anti-drop device. At the same time, this system has an alarm device to prevent people or vehicles...

  • Stacking Parking Lift

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    Stacking Parking Lift

    Stacking Parking Lift Note: 1. The BTP-PJS simple parking system (stacking type) is calculated by unit; 2. One unit is with four vertical parking spaces, which cannot be split; 3. Multi-unit can be built in a row.

  • Four Post Parking Lift

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    Four Post Parking Lift

    Four Post Parking Lift Characteristics The BTP-PJS simple parking system (four post type) has the advantages of Flexible to various places, saving land; Multiple mechanical and electric safety structure design, high security; Transmission parts and wiring are located inside...

  • Simple Vertical Car Parking System

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    Simple Vertical Car Parking System

    The equipment can double the parking space。It is economical and easy to operate, having no special requirements on the ground. It is safe, easy to maintain, and is reliably equipped with a variety of safety features, such as high quality steel and advanced powder coating for...

  • Double Stackable Car Parking Systems

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    Double Stackable Car Parking Systems

    Compared with the prior technology, the control system of the stacked parking space adopts the lifting control unit to control the lifting platform, the conveying control unit controls the conveying device, and the operation is simple, and combined with the stacked parking...

  • Vehicle Parking Management System For Hotel

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    Vehicle Parking Management System For Hotel

    This system occupies less space, has a large capacity, and has a high parking density. Multiple entrances can be set up in a single garage to increase efficiency and ease peak congestion. It can automatically rotate and turn around when parking, which is convenient for users...

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