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Vehicle License Plate Recognition Intelligent Parking System Scheme
Jul 22, 2017

                    In the modern parking lot management, it involves the management of all sides, in which the management of vehicles is an important aspect. Especially for the special car park, the courtyard, requires the strict management of all kinds of vehicles in real time, the time of their access to the strict monitoring, and the registration of all types of vehicles (including internal vehicles and external vehicles) and identification, such as the normal release of internal vehicles, such as external vehicles will need to be recorded, checked after the release or blocking of treatment, and the various information into the database. For large-scale barracks, all kinds of vehicles are more and more, such as each car must be artificial judgment, both time-consuming, and not conducive to management and inquiries, the security work is more difficult, inefficient. In order to improve the management mode which is not commensurate with the modern parking lot and the compound, it is necessary to realize the automation and intellectualization of the car park security work as soon as possible and manage it in the form of computer network, effectively and accurately monitor and manage all entrances and exits. The system is required to provide the corresponding application software to realize the high efficiency and intelligence of camp management.Parking System

                    For some of the existing car parks, there is already a vehicle management system, and for some new car parks, everything starts from the beginning and no Computer Management system has been built, which needs to be considered as a whole. The application of SWHV-LPR01 license plate recognizer in Vehicle management system will be considered through the installation of Swhv-lpr01, the building of car parks, the user can make full use of the original investment to improve the overall management system of the intelligent, automated degree; but for the new car park, Swhv-lpr01 can also be used in the new management system design.Parking System

                   The system automatically identifies the number and license plate characteristics of the vehicle entering the parking lot, verify the legal identity of the user, automatically than the blacklist library, automatic alarm, and the entire parking lot situation monitoring and management, including the entrance management, internal management, collection, storage data and system working status, so that the administrator to monitor, maintain, statistics, inquiries and print reports and so on. Vehicles in and out of the car park, completely under the system monitoring, so that the parking lot, fees, anti-theft, parking management fully intelligent and convenient, safe and reliable advantages.Parking System