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Tire Repair Equipment Tell You The Tyre Service Equipment Knowledge
Jul 09, 2017

     The equipment needed for the tire repair Department: Auto Tyre disassembling machine. Car tyre balancer. Tire Inflatable equipment: Tire nitrogen machine, tire gas table, air pressure meter gauges, tire gauges, inflatable table. Tyre tools: Tyre layering, tire expander, big tyre plus gas rod, vacuum zi, suction and blow gun, low speed gas drill, tire pattern measuring gauge, tire air filling pipe, cross tire wrench, various models of Jack. Tire consumables: Valve core wrench valve key, tire repair and reinforcement cushion repair tire Rubber Supplement tablets, reinforcing pads tire adhesive tape Cold film (various types), tire disassembly lubrication paste, rubber repair tire cleaning Agent cleaning fluid, tire valve core, the whole plug needle type mushroom nail patch, repair tire film, tire mushroom nail, tires crayon marker, steel paste balance block, safety sealant and so on.Tyre Service Equipment
    Is there a need to replace the repaired tires? The first reaction was necessary, but the repair shop master said that minor losses were irrelevant and could not be changed. Although it is said that the repaired tires need not be replaced in the end, under what circumstances must be replaced? Let's explore the question. The damage of the tread is determined not to change the tires, as the condition is different. If the damage is very light, simply fix it and you can continue to use it. Here are 2 things to fix.Tyre Service Equipment
    Tire experts tell us that the tread is tied or broken by other objects, the aperture is less than 6mm can also be repaired, more than 6mm must be replaced. Because the diameter of the nails is not small, but the injury is relatively deep, so the owners of the tires have been iron nails, run high speed or go long before the tire to check the condition of the damaged tires before the road. A slight rupture of the tread can also be repaired, the domestic road conditions are more complex, uneven road surface, the accumulation of road surface is more, tire tread damage is quite common. Slightly damaged tread can be repaired by means of a continuous tyre life. If it is a pattern shedding repair is also useless, not a serious reluctance can also be used, but if it is running high-speed, or the condition of the owner or the proposed replacement, to protect the safety of the road.Tyre Service Equipment