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The Relevant Attention Principle Of Parking System
Jul 09, 2017

     The lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking system, the interface between the vehicle and the system, and also the key equipment to realize the friendly user experience. So many people directly understand the "lane control equipment" as "parking system", and many professional equipment providers confuse the two in the introductory materials. In fact, lane management equipment is only a modular unit of parking management system, there is an essential difference. With the development of society, there are more and more cars in cities. The place of centralized storage and management of vehicles has been put forward by human beings to order the vehicles in and out, the safety of vehicle storage and the compensation of vehicle storage management. Therefore, the intelligent parking system products came into being, playing a more and more important role in the modern parking lot management. The full name of the parking system is the intelligent car park management system, often referred to as the parking system or the Smart car park, and is also referred to as the "parking lot" by the people in the line. Parking System application of modern mechanical electronics and communication science and technology, set control hardware, software in one. With the development of science and technology, car park management system is also changing, the most professional car park system to avoid card car park.Parking System
    In the parking system select the gate overall to pay attention to the following several principles: 1, the shell durable, waterproof rust. 2. Anti-smashing car function. 3, power outage and other emergency situations convenient manual operation 4, internal torque structure rust 5, brake rod beautiful and easy to see. Company Gate Technology: Shell with more than $number cold rolled steel, thickness of more than 2MM, paint using automotive metal paint technology, so as to achieve waterproof rust, durable, solid and stable. Anti-smashing vehicle function ground sense is not smashed: gate connection sense, when the car under the gate, even if the wrong operation of the brake bar will not drop, to avoid the road brake hit the car; resistance rebound: When the brake rod hit the car, the brake rod will automatically rebound, so as to avoid the road brake hit the car. After power failure can be opened with the key, the hand to shake the road brake, release vehicles. Internal torque for a long time easy to rust, once rusty brake machine close to scrap, our company moment surface using magnesium alloy plating, to do 10 internal rust. With flashing lights up and down, the gate is clearly visible at night and in Bad sight, reduce the collision to avoid the brake bar incident, brake rod Hill is a soft plastic round edge, the middle is composed of aluminum alloy, even if the car and brake rod have contact, will not leave any traces of the car brake light on the motor load small, thus extending the motor life.Parking System
    Library in the same car park parking area different rates of solution, part of the parking lot in the open-air parking lot and indoor parking, the price of the two cars is not the same. General parking system software, only one billing function, can not achieve and distinguish between different parking areas prices. Parking lot software system has a special library in-store billing module.Parking System