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Structure Design And Optimization Of Scissor Car Lift
Aug 06, 2017

               Scissor-Type hydraulic lift is a widely used hydraulic lifting device, because of its simple structure, stable work, convenient maintenance and other advantages, it is widely used in stations, airports, plant maintenance, equipment installation and maintenance of the hall and outdoor facilities. In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the demand of scissor-type hydraulic lift is also increasing rapidly. However, at present, there is no complete method for the theoretical analysis of scissor-type hydraulic elevators, especially the hoisting mechanism, which makes engineers rely on experience to design. The further development of scissor-type hydraulic lift is greatly limited.Scissor Car Lift

              This paper has carried on the systematic theory research and the discussion to the hoisting mechanism of the scissor-type hydraulic lift, through summing up the module division of the hoisting mechanism, deduced the general theoretical calculation formula, and explained in detail how to select the material and the analysis of its carrying capacity. Then apply these theories to the 20m scissor-type hydraulic lift produced by Shandong Force High-rise Machinery Co., Ltd, optimize the structure by theoretical analysis and calculation, and design a kind of elevator with variable section form. Finally, the shear fork arm is analyzed by the finite element analysis software Ansys. The main contents of this paper:Scissor Car Lift

              (1) According to the characteristics of scissor-type hydraulic lifts, the lifting mechanism of scissor-type hydraulic lifts is divided into three types, namely: a group of hydraulic cylinders to promote a group of scissor arm model, a group of hydraulic cylinders to promote the model of two groups of Scissor Arms, a group of hydraulic cylinders to promote the three groups of Shear fork arm model, and for each model to the hydraulic cylinder required by the maximum thrust formula is deduced, and the main hinge points of the force formula. (2) The carrying capacity of hoisting mechanism is analyzed. The paper analyzes the selection of the profile of the scissor arm, the bearing capacity and the bearing capacity of the bending moment. By checking the strength of the shear fork arm, it is judged whether the size of the selected fork arm meets the strength requirement. (3) The three-dimensional model of 20m scissor hydraulic lift is established through SolidWorks, and the deduced formula is applied to the lift, the structure of the elevator is optimized according to the calculation result, and a new type of shearing-fork hydraulic lift with variable cross-section is designed. The strength of the lift and the stability of the whole structure are analyzed. (4) using ANSYS to analyze the structure of shear-fork hydraulic lift with variable cross-section. The shear fork ARM model is imported into Ansys, and the force and force distribution of the Shear fork arm are obtained according to the load exerted on the critical point by force. Then compared with the theoretical calculation results.Scissor Car Lift

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