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Safety Performance And Precautions Of Scissor Car Lift
Jul 22, 2017

            Scissor-lift elevators are often used to lift or lift operations of high altitude cargo or personnel, in such an environment, the safety of scissor-lift freight elevator is the most important guarantee for lifting operation, and the safety performance of scissor-lift elevator is closely related to the safety of machinery and its proper operation.

            Lift elevator in the traditional traction elevators with the safety device at the same time, also has: overflow valve: can prevent upward movement when the system pressure, emergency manual valve: Power failure, can make the car emergency down to the nearest floor position open, manual pump: When the system fails, the manual pump can be manipulated to make the high pressure oil to the nearest floor position; pipeline rupture valve: When the hydraulic system pipeline rupture car stall drop, can automatically cut off the oil circuit to stop dropping. Fuel tank Oil Temperature protection: When the oil tank temperature exceeds the standard set value, the oil temperature protection device signals, suspended elevator use, when the oil temperature drop can start the elevator.Scissor Car Lift

            From the safety of the machinery itself can be seen, after the national security certification will not have too much security problems, the main problem focused on the lifting of the elevator used for a period of time because of various factors caused mechanical parts to fall off or damage, this problem depends on the mechanical periodic inspection and maintenance.Scissor Car Lift

            Artificial improper operation is the most important factor in the failure of scissor-type lift freight elevator, the cargo should be stacked in order, the best in the freight elevator cargo stacking Center location stacking, to avoid stacking at both ends of the cargo area imbalance, and finally in the lifting freight elevator operation caused by the upgrade of the freight elevator lost balance, the best use of ropes after the goods to lock dead, so in the process of lifting the goods are not afraid of "careless"Scissor Car Lift