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Safety Car Lifts
Aug 06, 2017

            The size design of the lifting passage should be carried out with the aim of safe operation of the lift, the distance between the vehicle plate and the exit surface should be below 4CM. The depth of the foundation pit of the hydraulic direct-push elevator is independent of the rated speed, and should be above 1.2 meters.Car Lift

            The utility model provides a safety automobile lift, belonging to the car window field, which is arranged on the car window, including the lift body, and the lift body comprises a slide rail, a slide block and a motor, the rails are fixedly connected to the car's door, the slider is connected with the motor, the slide is connected with the slide, the lift body includes the fixing parts and the control mechanism, and the control mechanism can control the fixing piece connecting or disengaging the slider, and the fixing piece is detached from the slide block when it is detached from the The safety car lift, when an accident occurs, the control mechanism controls the fixing piece out of the slider, the window and the slide block, the window can be under the action of gravity, sliding down to the space underneath the car door, the vehicle can be in time from the window openings to escape, but also for relief personnel to facilitate.Car Lift

           The utility model discloses an automobile lift, which belongs to the field of stereo parking equipment, and is designed to provide an automobile lift which is not easy to move the vehicle on the carrying plate during the moving process of the carrier plate, and its technical scheme is as follows, a kind of automobile elevator, including the column, lifting device and carrying plate, wherein the carrying plate and the car wheel of the bearing are provided with a limit hole for the wheel to fall into, and the limit hole is hinged with a closed plate on the two-hole wall perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle, The lower part of the carrying plate is provided with a drive cylinder a for driving the closed plate to close or opening the limit hole, wherein the piston rod of the driving cylinder A is hinged below the sealing plate.Car Lift