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Parking System Composition
Aug 06, 2017

               The Management control Center is composed of High-performance industrial computer, printer and parking system management software, and the Management Control Center is responsible for processing the information collected by the import and export equipment, processing and processing the information, controlling the peripheral equipment, and processing it into the required report for the use of the management department. The main use of the interface Converter is 485 conversion card, TCP/IP hub, fiber converter, parking card authorization device.Parking System

                Imported equipment by the image capture system, intelligent lighting, road brakes, parking lot entrance control machine, vehicle detector, automatic card issuing system, long-distance reading card equipment and so on, mainly responsible for the internal vehicle entering the car park automatic identification, identity verification and automatic landing gate, the card for foreign vehicles, capture record entry time, vehicle information and automatic landing track brake. This part sometimes needs to install the parking lot Management System Parking display system, also some need to install the parking lot guidance system!Parking System

               The export equipment is made up of image capturing system, intelligent supplementary light, gate, car park entrance controller, vehicle detector, long-distance reading card equipment, temporary billing device, etc., is mainly responsible for the automatic identification of internal vehicles out of the parking lot, identity verification and automatic Take-off and landing of the gate, the external vehicle charging, charging automatically after the landing road brake.Parking System