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Mini Rotary Parking System
Aug 05, 2016


Basic Info.

Model NO.:PCX
Type:Rotary Parking System
Working Mode:Card/Button
Falling Prevention Device:Motor+Shaft
The Vehicle Inlet and Outlet:Down
Certification:CE, ISO
Lift Mode:Motor+Chain
HS Code:842890200

Product Description


We can design, manufacture, install mini rotary parking system,  which saves parking space efficiently, max upto 6 times.

Discription of the system:

This system is designed to park vehicles by vertically circulating cage in left-right direction after entering of vehicles into parking area (cage). It is easy to install in small area and is free from breakdowns because of the simple circular rotation type mechanism. There is no need of special staffs for management because the facility can be run directly by the driver. It is acknowledged as a machine, therefore is excluded from the calculation of building coverage ratio.

1, Save space, 8~12 cars can be parked within about two-cars parking area (about L6.4*W5.4m).

2, Easy operation, no special staff is required to assist the operation. The drive could operate by themselves easily.

3, Safe & reliable, perfect safety protection system to ensure safety of people/cars.

4, Low breakdown rate & easy maintenance, special brake motor, firm & durable steel structure

5, High standard, passed ISO9001: 2008, CE, ISO14001: 2004 standards

Dimension of the systems:

Working principle: 

There is one pallet for each parking space; all pallets could rotate in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to the ground floor according to the parking or retrieval order (from the control panel). Each pallet is marked with one number; driver can easily park or retrieve the car simply by pressing the button of the pallet number on the control panel. Full automatic operation.

Operation procedure:
(Take Pallet no.6 for example)

Pressing the button no. 6 on the control panel----- all pallets rotate in counter-clockwise direction-----pallet no.6 rotates down to the ground floor-----the driver can park or retrieve the car 


                          (Action no.1)                                                        (Action no.2)

Technical information:
Modes and types of parking facilityPCX, Rotary type
Max parking spaces12
Spec. of available carsLength: 5000/5200mm
Width:   1850/1950mm
Height: 1550mm/2050mm (SUV)
Weight: 1700kg/2200kg (SUV)
Lifting speed/motor powerCirculating driving motor, 4-6m/min/7.5kw
Control systemPLC
Mode of operationID card / Digital button
Power3 phase/5-lines style,   AC 380/440V/50/60Hz
Safety measures1, emergency stop device
2, detecting sensors to protect from over-length, over-width, over-height
3, confirming system for safety running
4, detecting sensors to protect from mis-entrance of people/cars
5, self-locking system
6, safety guard