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Intelligent Parking System
Jul 01, 2017

           Intelligent car park management system is a general designation of the modern parking lot vehicle charge and equipment automation management. is to put the car park completely under the unified Computer Management of High-tech electromechanical integration products. He has a sensor IC card or ID card (the latest technology has two-card compatible parking lot) as the carrier, through the intelligent equipment to enable the sensor card to record vehicles and cardholders in and out of the relevant information, at the same time, the operation of its information, transmission and through the character display, voice broadcast and other human-machine interface to be able to distinguish and judge the signal, so as to achieve the time billing, vehicle management and so.Parking System

           As technology continues to update the Smart car park is also constantly slimming function increasing. The latest smart parking card thickness is only a few 1.7mm thick, but also equipped with double hairpin, double card volume new function, greatly reduced the difficulty of management, make management more convenient and more humane. The parking lot Management system configuration includes the parking lot controller, long distance IC card reader, sensor card (active card and passive card), Automatic intelligent Gate, vehicle sensor, sense coil, communication adapter, camera, Mp4net video digital recorder, transmission equipment, parking system management software, voice prompts, etc. This system will help companies, government agencies and other internal vehicles and external vehicles in the modernization of the management, to strengthen the management of enterprises and enhance the company's image has a greater help.Parking System

          Vehicle Sensor IC card, can store the cardholder's various information. Induction IC card installed in each car in the cab, when the car passed the sensor area of the reader (away from the reader 2 meters), the induction IC card through the reader sent to the excitation signal generated by the response signal sent back to the reader. The reader then transmits this reading signal to the parking lot controller, the parking lot controller receives the information, after the automatic check is the valid card, the brake automatically opens, the digital video recorder starts the video, pats the vehicle to enter the picture, the computer records the car brand and the driver name and enters in the information.Parking System