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Development And Introduction Of Parking System
Jun 13, 2017

    Parking management system is through the computer, network equipment, lane management equipment to build a set of parking lot vehicle access, on-site traffic guide, charge parking fees to manage the network system. Is a professional parking management company necessary tools.Parking System

    It is through the collection of records of vehicle access records, the location of the vehicle to achieve vehicle access and the vehicle within the dynamic and static integrated management. The system generally uses the RF induction card as the carrier, records the information of the vehicle through the induction card, completes the charging strategy through the management software, the charge account management, the lane equipment control and so on the function.

    Lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking lot system, the interface between the vehicle and the system of data interaction, but also to achieve a friendly user experience key equipment. So many people directly to the "lane control equipment" understood as "parking system", a lot of professional equipment providers are also introduced in the material to confuse the two. In fact, the lane management equipment is only a parking unit management system of a module unit, there is a fundamental difference between.Parking System

    With the development of society, more and more cars in the city. The place where the vehicle is centralized and stored is called by the human order of the vehicle entry and exit, the safety of the vehicle storage, the compensation of the vehicle storage management and so on. As a result, intelligent parking system products came into being, in the modern parking lot management plays an increasingly important role. The full name of the parking lot system is the intelligent parking lot management system, commonly referred to as the parking lot system or the intelligent parking lot, [1] also referred to as "parking lot". Parking system application of modern mechanical and electronic and communications science and technology, set control hardware, software in one. With the development of science and technology, parking management system is also changing, the most professional parking system for the free card parking lot.Parking System