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Detailed Intelligent Introduction And Application Of Parking System
Jun 27, 2017

    The lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking system, the interface between the vehicle and the system, and also the key equipment to realize the friendly user experience. So many people directly understand the "lane control equipment" as "parking system", and many professional equipment providers confuse the two in the introductory materials. In fact, lane management equipment is only a modular unit of parking management system, there is an essential difference.Parking System
    With the development of society, there are more and more cars in cities. The place of centralized storage and management of vehicles has been put forward by human beings to order the vehicles in and out, the safety of vehicle storage and the compensation of vehicle storage management. Therefore, the intelligent parking system products came into being, playing a more and more important role in the modern parking lot management. The full name of the parking system is the intelligent car park management system, often referred to as the parking system or the Smart car park, and is also referred to as the "parking lot" by the people in the line. Parking System application of modern mechanical electronics and communication science and technology, set control hardware, software in one. With the development of science and technology, car park management system is also changing, the most professional car park system to avoid card car park.Parking System
  Car park system is based on modern electronics and information technology, in the parking area of the entrance to install an automatic identification device, through the Non-contact card or license plate recognition to the vehicle in and out of the area to implement judgment recognition, admission/refusal, guidance, record, charge, release and other intelligent management, the purpose of which is to effectively control the movement of vehicles and personnel, record all the details and automatically calculate the charge limit, to achieve the safety management of the vehicle and the charge in the field. Car park using induction card parking management system, in the parking lot of the entrances and exits of a set of access management equipment, to make the parking lot form a relatively closed place, in and out of the vehicle just to the sensor card in the Reading box before the light, the system can be instantaneous completion of inspection, recording, accounting, fees and other work, Block lane brake automatic opening and closing, to achieve convenient and efficient car park management.Parking System