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Design Of Car Lift
Jul 22, 2017

             In the construction of three-dimensional parking garage, often encountered because of the narrow site can not use the self-walking ramp, in order to move the car to the different level of access to vehicles, it is necessary to use vertical take-off and landing of the car special elevator. This can replace the car in and out of the garage ramp, greatly save space, improve the utilization of the garage. This car-specific elevator is commonly used in underground or roof and the construction of the garage access to the car's handling.Car Lift

             Lift device: Drive device, the power of the lift can be a hydraulic workstation. Brake and electromagnetic countercurrent valve. Lifting guide and guide rail: In order to ensure the smoothness of the elevator operation, the lifting guide should ensure the accuracy of installation.Car Lift

             Safety device: Emergency stop device, urgent stop button, that is, if there is an emergency in the operation, press the emergency stop button, but the system urgent stop, until troubleshooting. Buffering device: In order to reduce the impact, the buffer is set in the pit to reduce the impact. Limit switch: In order to prevent the lift race or exceed the operation area, the limit switch should be set up and the elevator will stop automatically when reaching the limit position. Hydraulic safety valve: When the tubing is burst or suddenly unloaded, the safety valve is automatically closed so that the carrying plate can not fall to prevent accidents. The device which prevents the motor idling, adjusts the drop level adjustment device of the conveyance.Car Lift