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Classification Of Car Lifts
Jun 13, 2017

   Now as long as the theory of operation can be done through all the words are so easy, that lift platform is what kind of work principle? Hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve, throttle, hydraulic check valve, balance valve into the bottom of the cylinder, the cylinder piston up movement, Things.

    The top of the cylinder back to the oil by the explosion-proof electromagnetic valve back to the tank, which is the principle of hydraulic lift work, hydraulic oil by the explosion-proof electromagnetic valve into the top of the cylinder, the bottom of the liquid tank by the balance valve, liquid Control check valve, throttle valve, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve back to the tank.Car Lift

     That electric lift the working principle is to use electricity as a power system, and install the overloaded voice alarm, to distinguish between overload or equipment failure. The electronic control system can control the rotation of the motor through the explosion-proof button, so that the explosion-proof electromagnetic valve to commutation to maintain the load to enhance or decline, and through the "LOGO" program to adjust the amount of time delay, to avoid frequent motor starting Lift is not flexible, card machine phenomenon, to extend the service life.Car Lift

     The lifting platform can be divided into different types according to different uses and categories. Each kind has special use in different use environment, and the classification of lifting platform can be well targeted for its use. The

    Lifting platform is mainly used for high-altitude operations, ah, some hotels, restaurants and other places of decoration and other work are inseparable from it, if it is outside the operation, car lift platform is your best choice, it can not only very Flexible movement, more importantly, in different places to operate, the scope of the operation is very wide, in addition, aluminum lift platform, hydraulic lifts, mobile lifts, scissor lift platform These are you in the specific Use a good choice.Car Lift