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Analysis Of Tyre Service Equipment
Jun 27, 2017

    What are the automobile repair equipment of the auto repair factory?
A. Car lifting machine. At present, the main categories of lifting machine sales in the market are two-column, four-column, shear type three major types.
Two. Body girder sheet metal correction instrument (beam corrector). AC-1900 is a multifunctional body girder sheet metal correction instrument, the use of the world's advanced technology, with its highly adjustable, solid structure, flexible operation, clamping fast characteristics, the fusion of a number of patented technology and the latest automotive design and security correction principle, to achieve a more than one machine, is the Chinese plate technician operation of the body of the tool.
Three. Car Paint room (painting room). With the development of science and technology, the modern car baking paint also keep up with the footsteps of the times, the appearance of car baking paint room, will lead the great development of automobile baking industry, is a major progress in the automotive industry.Tyre Service Equipment
Four. Auto Sheet metal Repair machine (auto plastic machine). Product Features and application range: Easy to move, simple operation, beautiful design, large output power. With sheet metal shrinkage fire, touch welding stretching, heating, shrinkage, sheet welding, meson, straight pull, spot welding, corrugated line, flattening, stud, OT-type pull ring, triangular pieces and other welding functions. The introduction of foreign advanced digital control technology and human design, just choose the right gear to achieve the best welding effect. Has a unique automatic detection network voltage function. The welder's automatic protection function is achieved when the welding machine temperature reaches the critical point. Using a unique high-precision time adjustment system. Configure a dedicated variable torch and multifunctional chest and hangers. The car repair is one of the most desirable equipment in the auto repair industry without the need for vehicle disintegration.
Five. Four-wheel positioning instrument: four-wheel positioning instrument has a front beam ruler and optical leveling device, pull line locator, CCD positioning device, laser positioning instrument, and 3D image positioning device and other. Among them, CCD and laser products are currently on the market of the three major mainstream products, 3D products are currently the most advanced four-wheel positioning, advanced measurement methods, measuring time only for the traditional positioning instrument one-fifth, has gradually entered the mature stage.Tyre Service Equipment
Six. Tyre disassembling machine, balancing machine: 1. Heightening the right auxiliary arm system, increasing the work coverage, the pneumatic control manipulator can be freely positioned in any position. 2. Pneumatic control of left tyre device and left pressure tire device, can be a smooth take-off and landing in any position, so that the removal of tires more labor-saving and convenient. 3. The Center positioning device, so that the tire and disc instantaneous positioning after maintaining concentric. 4.360 degrees rotary pressure tire head seat combination and 24 "super large-circle disc and high-power motor for disassembly larger, A wider new high-grade tyre. 5. " A "rapid air charging system for instantaneous exhaust, so that the flat relatively small vacuum tire edge and the rim quickly affixed close together 6." Pneumatic control post tilt, automatic positioning, pneumatic locking function.Tyre Service Equipment