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Why hydraulic jack does not work troubleshooting
Feb 03, 2016

Why hydraulic jack does not work troubleshooting

1 system was faulty key is pump overflow valve or bad, find fault with pump overflow valve or cause and eliminate.

2 internal leakage grim, loose piston and piston rod and seal damaged Stern. Fastening rod with the piston and replace the seals.

3 because of the pressure regulating valve in doubt, system set pressure low pressure valve to exclude problems from scratch and adjust the pressure, until you reach the requested value; accounting job pressures from scratch, if necessary, replacement of large surge component.

4-piston seal rings missing or severe damage, cylinder hole broach has deep grooves and determining the piston on the piston rod nut is loose, forming, oil return of hydraulic cylinder cavity Stern conducting cavity, cylinder will not be running. Replace piston seals can be taken with other fixes.