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Principles of hydraulic jack description
Feb 03, 2016

Jack small housings, piston, Pistons, wrenches, fuel tank and other parts. Work principle is wrench to Shang go led small piston up, tank in of oil through tubing and one-way valve was sucking into small piston lower, wrench down pressure Shi led small piston down, tank and small piston lower oil was one-way valve blocking Shang, small piston lower of oil through internal oil and one-way valve was pressure into big piston lower, for lever role small piston lower pressure increases dozens of times times, big piston area is small piston area of dozens of times times, by manual produced of hydraulic was squeeze into big piston, By Pascal's principle known piston area ratio and pressure than the same size. So, hand Shang of force through wrench to small piston Shang increases has more than 10 times (temporarily by 15 times times), small piston to big piston force has increases more than 10 times (temporarily by 15 times times), to big piston (top car Shi out of activities part) power =15X15=225 times of power has, if hand Shang with each 20 kg force, on can produced 20X225=4500 kg (4.5 tons) of power. It works so. When finished, have a normally closed valve manually opened, oil by weight back to the oil tank