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LH used hydraulic jacks
Feb 03, 2016

1 before using, you must check whether the Department properly.

2, must be used in strict compliance with provisions of the main parameters, avoid high overloading, or when lifting height or when lifting tonnage exceeding the prescribed, top of the cylinders would have been serious oil spill.

3, such as manual pump oil content is low, should be added to the pump should be fully filtered hydraulic oil for N32# to work.

4 Please refer to the electric pump, electric pump manual.

5, heavy weight selection is moderate, the focal point of reasonable selection of Jack, to pad the bottom surface, taking into account the ground hard and soft conditions, whether to pad the tenacious wood, placed is stable to avoid loading sink or tilt.

6, Jack will be after weight lifting, weight should be timely support support firm, ban Jack as a support material used. For supporting heavy loads for a long time please choose YZL self-locking jacks