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Hydraulic jack considerations
Feb 03, 2016

1: hydraulic jack in top rose job Shi, to select right tonnage of hydraulic jack: hosted capacity not overload, select hydraulic jack of hosted capacity needed is greater than weights gravity of 1.2 times times; hydraulic jack minimum height right, to easy out, selection hydraulic jack of minimum height should and weights bottom Shi force at of clearance phase adapted, landing process in the pad sleepers support weights Shi, hydraulic jack of up rose height to is greater than sleepers thickness and sleepers deformation of and.

2: when using more than one the same device of hydraulic jack and lift, hydraulic jacks of the same type should be used, and each of the rated capacity of the hydraulic jack and shall be not less than 1.5 times times the device assumed by gravity.

3: hydraulic jacks should be wiped clean before use and check all parts are flexible, with or without injuries, quick connector should not be unloaded when the load to avoid accidents and damage to parts.