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Two Post Car Lift

The Two Post Car Lift is a special mechanical lifting device commonly used in car repair and maintenance units. The overall structure is composed of two frame-type columns and a lower chain groove. Sliders are arranged on the columns on both sides, and each side is connected to the column by two retractable support arms through a slider, and the column is fixed on the foundation. Form a stable whole. The lift is powered by an electric motor. Under the lift, the screw is connected by a chain to synchronize the arms at both ends.
This two post car lift is suitable for the vehicle repair and maintenance unit, so that the repairman does not have to drill into the bottom of the narrow space, just use this safe and reliable lifting equipment. When the car is lifted to a certain height, the parts at the bottom of the car can be quickly and easily repaired.
Although this type of car lift is commonly found in professional auto shops, they’re starting to pop up in people’s personal garages more and more.They feature two heavy duty posts on each side with braces connecting them where your car sits. When raised, you’ll have complete access underneath your vehicle to perform any repair.They also take up relatively little space so you can still utilize the rest of your garage. Two-post lifts are a more permanent options as they need to be bolted to the floor and require periodic maintenance to make sure everything stays tight and level.
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