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Four Post Car Lift

Four Post Car Lifts are becoming more and more popular in residential garages due to their ease of use and advantages. They have four solid pillars and a set of tracks you open, so you can lift your car. It's very easy to operate, which is why many homeowners are adding them. They can support the heaviest vehicles and are ideal for small garages where you want to create more space.
BORTOME offers a standard general service four-post lift with the same engineering design. With a variety of track sizes, we can install and lift any item that travels on the road. Maintaining the flexibility of our range of lifts means that we can provide accessories such as bolt positioning kits for these lifts. This allows you to upgrade and handle other businesses that will be used when purchasing and owning a rotary lift. All of our 4 lifts include a heavy alleyway with rolling jacks; convert a standard four-post lift into a powerful lift! Use the four-post lift to do more work than just lifting the vehicle. Rotary four-post lifts make it easy to lift cars and trucks, heavy or light vehicles and lift them up easily.
BORTOME is one of the leading China four post car lift manufacturers and suppliers.Our durable four post car lifts ensure efficient and efficient your shop. We are able to provide you with the most user-friendly, reliable and efficient car lifts in its class.Welcome to wholesale cheap four post car lift from our factory.