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Car Lift

A car lift is a forklift truck designed for vertical movement of vehicles. They are used to transport these vehicles from one height to another with or without an occupant. For this purpose, the design is generally robust and simple, so that it can withstand the blow well and facilitate the access of the vehicle. Its technology can be described more or less in its presentation and processing equipment, but usually it uses the same basic physical principles.
Our car lifts mainly include two-column/four-column car lifts, aligned scissor lifts and more. These types of garage lifts are not only suitable for parking lots, but are also becoming more popular in residential garages because they are easy to use and benefit. They can support the heaviest vehicles and are ideal for small garages where you want to create more space.
With the addition of a car lift, you have the ability to park another car underneath the car you have on the lift. This is especially great for people who have smaller one car garages.
No one needs to pick and choose who gets garage privileges anymore. Keep in mind that you’ll need to move the bottom car before you use the one on top, so plan parking according to who needs to leave the house first.
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